How to Market Yourself on Facebook

Tips for Effective Facebook Marketing
How to Market Yourself on Facebook

Tips for Effective Facebook Marketing

To sell your business effectively on Facebook, you must first grasp the platform’s unique features and how it varies from other forms of media. You wouldn’t advertise on television with a radio ad, and you shouldn’t advertise on Facebook the way you would in a magazine or on your website.

Do Not Use Facebook to Only Pitch Your Sales

Facebook is seen as a delightful social area where people can connect with friends, view photos and videos, and unwind. Rather of being a commercial ‘outsider’ who attempts to sell aggressively, you should join dialogues and become a part of a community.
Other users will ‘unfollow’ you if you employ hard-sell tactics such using advertising slogans, posting repeatedly about a certain product or service, or offering lists of products and prices in isolation from any connected dialogue. They may even make disparaging remarks about your company.

Have a Strategy & Goal in Mind

It’s critical to have a clear objective in mind when utilizing Facebook, as well as a strategy for achieving that goal. For instance, a Barber shop might set a goal of increasing Facebook-generated sales by 10% in the next six months. Their plan may include:

  • Uploading a daily photo of a client who is the ‘Style King or Queen’ of the day
  • Utilizing a discount code so that the sale can be tracked to Facebook
  • Encouraging people to post their own photos of them enjoying their styles
  • Including other promotions once interactions become heavy
  • Create giveaways and contests

Setting a goal and strategy for your Facebook marketing gives you direction and a means to track your progress. In our book “Facebook Marketing Mania,” we discuss many different strategies and goals to keep in mind, and how you can market on these goals to create great success in your Facebook Marketing aspirations.

Facebook Marketing Mania
Facebook Marketing Mania

Ensure Your Company Keeps a ‘Human’ Voice

Facebook users prefer to interact with actual people rather than a faceless corporation. Whoever administers your Facebook page must be able to write in a voice that is both genuine and likeable, while still adhering to a style that is appropriate for your company. They also require authorization to speak in their own language rather than the company’s jargon or ‘official line.’

Post Regularly

Social media, unlike traditional media (such as magazines or television) or other online media (such as web pages), is based on regular updates.
According to recent Australian research, Facebook users check their pages more than 25 times each week, and they want you to provide new content on a frequent basis. Although some instructions suggest posting at least once a day, the most important aspects are to post when you have interesting content and to determine how often your audience wants to hear from you.

Encourage Feedback & Respond Immediately

Encourage other Facebook users to respond to your postings or to leave their own comments on your company or a topic that both them and you are interested in. When they do post, answer as soon as possible — within 24 hours is ideal. If you don’t answer, your Facebook friends will lose interest in engaging with you, and they will eventually drift away.

Make use of images & Videos
Make use of images & Videos

Make use of images & Videos

Facebook’s appeal is largely based on pictures and videos. Make frequent use of them to keep your friends occupied and entertained.

For instance, a culinary merchant might publish photos of new recipes; an architect or builder could post day-by-day shots of a house under construction; and a personal trainer may upload an instructional video on how to perform a specific exercise.
Make offers, contests, games, and surveys more interactive. People like it when Facebook is entertaining and offers them something they can’t get anywhere else.

According to research, the most common motivation for a client to follow a business’s Facebook page is for discounts and incentives. Contests and games can also be used to provide life to your page.
Customer surveys can also be distributed via Facebook. If you do this, make sure your surveys are brief and provide a link that people can quickly click, ignore, or share with their friends.

Grow Your Relationships

Building solid relationships with other Facebook users takes time, so be patient. To help foster positive relationships, engage sincerely in conversations, provide useful content, and develop rewards for loyal customers.

Make Your Facebook Page Highly Visible

If you have a Facebook page, promote it throughout your company so that social media and traditional marketing tactics complement each other. Put your Facebook address on your letterhead, business card, and website, as well as in your store, advertisements, and email signature.

Learn More About Your Customers by Using Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can provide you more information about the individuals who like your page. You may adjust your posts and offers to fit your Facebook friends’ requirements and interests after you know their traits.

For example, if you own a book store that serves consumers of various ages, but the majority of your Facebook friends are between the ages of 18 and 25, your Facebook offers may focus on books appropriate for that age group (while your in-store offers are broader). If you’re an online vendor who never meets your consumers, you might be able to acquire a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings by looking at their Facebook hobbies, ages, and locations.

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