Talk a little bit about what you will be going over here. Draw in the audience to make them WANT to read your blog. A couple paragraphs giving a little insight will help ease the audience into your writing style.

Do not just add filler and fluff to make the blog look more full than it is. Provide accurate and precise information that will assist the reader in whatever you are speaking about. They are taking the time to read your blog, give them a reason to give you their time.

First Relevant Topic (Bold) (H2)

Here you will introduce the first point you would like to make in your blog post. This is really where you need to know about the topic you are writing on. Give the reader insight into why this topic is relevant, why it is needed, or why they should believe what you tell them.

The way the first relevant topic is written is important because most readers will not read past this stage of the blog if they are confused, if the writing is horrible, or if you lost their attention. Again, give the reader a reason to keep reading. The goal is to gain life long readers.

A Picture breaks up the monotony of all words on a screen and gives a visual cue into what will be spoken on next.

Second Relevant Topic (Bold) (H2)

The second topic should not pale against the first topic. Your reader is engaged now. Give them more insight into your expertise. Tell them what you know, and how these things will help them. Do not give them a reason to quit reading.

Third Relevant Topic (Bold) (H2)

The third topic, if last is just as important as the other sections of the blog. They made it this far, so you really have their attention. Do not stop giving them reliable and smart information. Do not lead them astray to try to make your blog look longer.

If this is the last topic for your overall blog page, ensure you close it with a bang. You will recap in the conclusion, so do not conclude here. This last topic spoke about will tie all aspects together giving an understanding of your blog post.

Conclusion (Bold) (H2)

Here you want to recap everything you talked about in your blog. This will summarize everything for the reader, and recap anything they may have missed. Leave this as a place for the skimmers to get the bulk of the information. Remember, that is the purpose of a blog, to get out the information you want to.

In the end, you choose how long or how short your blog it. You can decide to go fancy with the graphics, images, videos, or just plain old text. How you present your information is up to your digression and your comfort.

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